Every child is a 

champion who needs a coach

EduSport is a youth empowerment organization

that provides education and sport to those who need it most. Located at the Cove, Nahoon Dam, EduSport serves several local schools in the Mdantsane area. We empower communities to uplift themselves and create social-impact job opportunities for local unemployed youth to work in schools. This is done through afternoon academic and sports academy programmes, thus ensuring that everyone has access to quality education and sports opportunities.

The Challenges


Eastern Cape is one of the most impoverished provinces in South Africa, with an unemployment rate of 46%, expanded youth unemployment rate of 60%, income poverty rate of 71%, and multidimensional poverty rate (income, education, infrastructure) of 54% among youth (Stats SA 2011).


Recent studies show that 81% of Grade 4 learners are illiterate. Less than 50% of Grade 1 children learn the letters of the alphabet by the end of Grade 1. Longitudinal data following these children indicates that they are perpetually behind and in ‘catch-up’ mode, although they never actually catch up. South Africa’s literacy crisis is the fact that our learners do not acquire the most elementary building blocks of the literate world when they need to: in Grades 1 and 2. (Pretorius & Spaull, 2022: p.16).

Lack of sport

Sport is essential for the physical, mental, and social development of children yet only 5% of public schools in South Africa have access to rugby facilities. Two in every five public schools don’t have sports facilities.

The above interconnected problems of youth unemployment, illiteracy and lack of sporting opportunities is what drives EduSport to keep going

“The power of youth is the common wealth for the entire world. No segment in the society can match with the power, idealism, enthusiasm, and courage of the young people.”

– Kailash Satyarthi

Sport is powerful

Yet so many youth do not get to encounter it’s life changing powers…

Every child in South Africa should have access to a sports field, the equipment needed for the sport, and coaches to guide them, YET half our youth don’t enjoy such privileges…
“While the number of youth participating outside of school has increased, the majority of youth (51%) still play sport at school. The Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) found that 25% of South Africans play sport, with most people engaging outside formal sport structures. ‘Exposure to Sport at School’ was cited as the biggest reason among respondents (33%) for becoming involved in sport. Reasons for non participation included ‘No interest’ (24%) and ‘Lack of Facilities and Opportunities’ (SRSA, 2009). The data illustrates the great sporting divide in South Africa and the importance of providing inclusive access to sport for all, including within the school system.” (Laureus Policy Brief, 2019)

Education is Powerful

Yet so many have failed…

Many have the ability but so few have the proper opportunity. Only 25% of 4-year-old South African children receive early learning or educational stimulation. 81% of our Grade 4 learners are unable to read for meaning in any language.


We share in an audacious vision:
To see a growing, developing model that provides relevant top-quality education and sporting opportunities to learners from low-income communities in South Africa.

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