Coach In a Box

“Every child is a champion who needs a Coach”
We BELIEVE in empowering communities to uplift themselves by creating social impact jobs for local youth who work as Academic (Literacy or Numeracy), Sport (Rugby, Netball), or Empowerment (Psychosocial) coaches in primary schools thus ensuring everyone has access to quality education, sporting, and personal wellness opportunities.

EduSport Youth is a non-profit organisation committed to seeing youth empowered to discover, develop, and realize their potential within our communities through Sport and Education, by creating social impact jobs for local unemployed youth to work as coaches who will ensure that children have access to quality education, sporting, and personal wellness opportunities.

Primary Objectives


To create sporting opportunities for underserved youth through training and facilitates.


Deliver educational support to enhance academic success and personal growth.


Develop strategic sustainable revenue streams for longevity.


Collaborate with schools, communities, and partners to create a network of support.


Facilitate mentorship employment and career development opportunities for unemployed youth.

Program functionality and Recruitment Plan

CIAB is a school-based intervention model. This dynamic initiative partners with various organisations, schools, and corporates to provide sport, learning, and personal growth opportunities to underserved youth.
CIAB has three major outcomes:

Youth Employment

CIAB empowers local youth with social-impact jobs. Every box is figuratively linked to a coach (Academic, Sport, Counselling). EduSport recruits, trains, and employs each coach who receives a fixed-term contract to work in a selected primary school in Mdantsane.

Holistic Opportunities

Each box of the five boxes (Rugby, Netball, Literacy, Numeracy, Empowerment) is designed to empower our coaches to provide customised sessions at a local school. These sessions are learner-centric and designed to coach children at their level, pace, and understanding. CIAB is a life-changing service to the children who receive it.

Essential Skills Training

The Skills Builder Partnership is an international organisation focused on building eight essential skills which have been shown to prepare learners most effectively for education, employment, and wider life.

Each Box

Contains all the necessary components (backed by specialized organizations) to facilitate effective learning and coaching opportunities:

Literacy Equipment

In partnership with Masinyusane, the Literacy box provides the coach with the training and monitoring resources to equip children with the power to read.

Rugby and Netball

Each sport box has all the necessary coaching equipment to introduce beginner-level coaching in a fun, safe, and engaging way.

Essential Skills Coaching Book

The Skills Builder Partnership allows EduSport to transform how learners develop essential skills through sport. The Coaching handbook is used to develop the eight essential skills across a range of sporting and physical activity contexts.

Bringing Rugby

Physical, mental, and social development in children is significantly enhanced through engagement in sports; however, a mere 5% of public schools in South Africa have access to rugby facilities, with two in every five lacking any sports facilities at all. EduSport has instituted a dynamic school-based sports and learning intervention model, forging partnerships with youth employment organizations, corporate entities, and marginalized primary schools to extend opportunities to those currently deprived of them.

In 2023 our team of 15 rugby coaches was operational within 8 primary schools in Nu1, Mdantsane. They conducted an average of 60 sessions introducing rugby to over 2,000 children every week. The coaches facilitate an environment where children can play, learn, and enhance their abilities. Notably, many EduSport coaches are alumni of the schools they now serve, acting as inspiring role models for the current generation. This exemplifies the principle of “empowering the community to uplift the community”.

Bringing Netball

Too many are the barriers to personal, sporting, and professional advancement of the rural girl. We must provide better access to both educational and athletic opportunities for girls in underserved communities. The provision of high-quality education and sporting opportunities to girls are indispensable in counteracting ingrained gender-based disparities, thereby promoting their enduring empowerment and disrupting the perpetuation of inequality.

The establishment of secure environments for the active participation of girls in sports and educational pursuits is paramount considering the prevalent safety concerns. The CIAB Netball programme along with The Cubs Netball and Learning Academy, seeks to elevate awareness regarding gender equality and underscores the significance of equitable treatment of females, thereby mitigating gender-based violence and discrimination.

Bringing Literacy

During the initial five years of a child’s life, there exists a unique and pivotal opportunity to impart a wide range of knowledge. Our goal is to expose our children to 1,000 stories by the age of 5, recognizing that such exposure contributes to enhanced memory, expanded vocabulary, and heightened imaginative capacities. Predictably, these children develop proficient reading skills at an accelerated pace. We firmly assert that ‘Reading is a Superpower,’ and bestowing this power upon children at such a tender age can bring about transformative changes in their lives.

In collaboration with Masinyusane, EduSport has made substantial investments in equipping children in NU1, Mdantsane, with foundational skills in reading, writing, and comprehension. Recognizing the critical significance of Grades R through 3 in a child’s formal education, our program has specifically targeted 300 children, providing them with dedicated coaches to facilitate their academic success.

Bringing Numeracy

There is a maths catastrophe in South Africa; only 28%* of learners wrote the final pure maths exam in 2020. Izibalo, meaning “mathematics or counting” in the isiXhosa language, is a Non-Profit Company that provides learner-centered maths tuition to learners in rural and township areas in South Africa.

Coach in a Box Numeracy tackles the challenge of equipping children in underserved communities with strong foundational math skills. This program offers small group tutoring, with a maximum of 5 students per coach, specifically for grades 1-3. The curriculum focuses on numeracy, and building a solid base through engaging activities. These include counting and recognizing numbers, practicing addition and subtraction with single-digit figures, and introducing skip counting. Students also learn to represent numbers using objects and develop their problem-solving abilities through simple word problems. By providing this targeted support, Coach in a Box Numeracy empowers young learners to confidently approach future math endeavours.

Bringing Empowerment

“It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults” Frederick Douglas

Thetha Nathi envisages a resilient community with a deeper understanding of self by providing psychosocial support resulting in a society with an enhanced positive self-image.

The Primary Objective of the CIAB Empowerment is to provide counselling and support to foundation phase learners in underserved schools to alleviate the long-term effects of trauma. CIAB Empowerment exists to equip learners with long-term coping skills so that they are better equipped to deal with future stressors. The Box is linked with a qualified unemployed social worker and placed in a school (in support of the other 4 boxes) within our rural communities.